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R2A Platform

R2A Platform is a B2B platform for organizing a SaaS business. The platform has 3 widgets that the operator (the platform owner) can sell by subscription and provide for free. Odds Comparison / Automatic ForecastTV Schedules 

A detailed description of the functionality of the R2A platform is here 

Who are interested in widgets?

Owners of the sports media and betting sites are interested in widgets. By placing widgets on their websites, webmasters get the opportunity to earn money from bookmakers ' partner programs, because widgets are a great tool for users themselves and encourage them to place bets.

How the operator can earn?

1) SELLING SUBSCRIPTIONS — users can use widgets for free, but in this case their widgets will have an advertising banner and the operator's logo to be able to remove the banner and logo, they need to pay for a subscription.

2) BOOKMAKER AFFILIATE PROGRAMS — install advertising banners of bookmakers in widgets and earn money, because you will have targeted traffic. Banners are displayed in all installed widgets, except those paid by subscription.

3) SELLING ADVERTISING PLACES — sell advertising places in widgets to companies interested in betting traffic or to a male audience. Banners are displayed in all installed widgets, except for those paid by subscription.


We have described the obvious, in our opinion, ways to earn money, but maybe you see other ways, please, you have no limits. 

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