LSports – Elevating sports data with the launch of the ‘new generation product’

Increased levels of data within the consumption of sports have not only opened the door for an evolution in sports betting, but have also dramatically expanded the needs of sportsbook operators.

For many suppliers, keeping up with the fast paced elevation of operator desires has proved challenging, but for LSports, aiming to supply accurate and innovative sports related data products has been its foremost aspiration since its emergence in 2011.

Furthermore, with the launch of its ‘new generation product’ which provides real time settling on pre-match bets, LSports is striving to once again provide innovation in sports betting data.  

Dotan Lazar, VP Sales at LSports emphasised that an immediate benefit for operators using the ‘new generation product’  is its efficient integration: “We all know that time equals money, this is why when integrating a new data provider, it’s important to go online as soon as possible, with LSports next generation, all implementation is almost in a click of a button.”

A key feature for the product is that it efficient settling speeds, something that Lazar outlines as a key factor in the organic growth of the sportsbook, referring back to experience that ‘paying the punter on time increases the volume bets dramatically.’

On top of this, the ‘new generation product’ aims to stand out with its in-play platform by ‘thinking outside the box and providing new analytic tools and performance products’.

Lazar goes on to detail the exponential growth of in-play: “In just the last few years, In-play as we know it has dramatically changed the betting industry, it now coordinates more than 80% of the sports betting industry, we think that at the center of the next generation will be fast markets and instant gratification bets, like what will happen in the next minute, 5 minutes and so on.

“The importance of an efficient in-play product can’t be understated, the ‘new generation product’ utilises efficient payout times to significantly increase customer retention for operators. As well as expanding the markets that are available to punters, with the product offering 30,000 live events per month, including from new sports like chess and sumo wrestling, something that can help operators gain a significant market advantage.”

An underlying factor in progress within sportsbooks is the continued room for growth and expansion of data, something that’s vital in a consistently evolving industry. Further highlighting that LSports ‘new generation’ product is one that suits operators with long term ambition for exoansion, it possesses the room to continually strengthen its database and grow as a product.

Lazar added: “As the betting industry continues to consolidate and merge, the industry can’t stop pedalling, this is why we are increasing our coverage of events every month (last month we reached 95,000 pre-live events).”

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