We completed the development of B2B platform

"R2A Platform" is the solution for organizing a SaaS business for selling sports widgets. The functionality of the system allows you to customize the appearance of widgets very flexibly in just a few minutes, it gives the possibility to adapt widgets for any website practically.


— Place the logo in the footer of widgets

— Add the banner to the header of widgets

— Set the subscription period for paid widgets

— Access to the client widgets’ settings


User abilities on widgets settings to:

— Set the affiliate links to bookmakers

— Select the main language (Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)

— Choose the font, its size and color

— Choose the type of odds (European, British, American) 

— Select the option to open links to bookmakers (in a new or current window)

— Set the time zone

— Specify the width (in pixels or percentage)

— Choose the sorting of matches (by league or by time)

— Filter of leagues (allows to display all, one or more leagues in the widget)

— Choose the sections (allows to hide unnecessary sections: live, results, calendar)

— Extensive color settings (it’s possible to change the color in any element of the widget)

— Remove the banner and logo of the operator (available to users who paid for the subscription)

 Demo of widgets:

Odds comparison
Automatic forecasts
Broadcast schedule

* The solution works from API Betlocator. If necessary, you can connect any provider.

** You can purchase the platform or order a test on this page